Ideas that are more than thinking

Ideas at The Martin Group are much more powerful than the glow of a light bulb. Ideas are workhorses. They’re muscular in their ability to motivate, activate and make people deviate from the way they act now to the way we want them to. Ideas can change minds and behaviors and bottom lines.

Our ideas don’t sit around and think all day. They push and pull and when they’re done…when they finally rest…it’s because they accomplished what we set out to do.

The idea of integration

At The Martin Group, ideas work together. Our research, strategy, creative, public relations, digital and media concepts all come from a common place and they all move in the same direction.

It’s possible because we are a full service, fully integrated agency—offering all of the disciplines to accomplish our clients’ goals and implementing them with the discipline to make sure they work—smartly, persuasively and affordably.